Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Organic Bioelectronics lab

The lab of Professor Sahika Inal is looking for a postdoc with a PhD in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering or related areas specialized in organic electronics and/or organic bioelectronics.

Our research is about the coupling of organic electronic materials with biological systems. We aim to develop electronic devices that can interface with living systems and detect or treat diseases in ways that have not been possible before. These devices might include an implant that goes into the heart and regulates the heartbeat or when placed in the brain, via delivery of drugs or electrical stimulation, alleviates symptoms of a neurological disorder. They can as well pick up biological signals and translate these into electrical information, forming the basis of a biosensor. The success of these devices, however, depends on how well the electronics communicate with the biological system. And materials that enable communication between these two worlds are the key to building high-performance devices.


The candidate is expected to:

  • Conduct research on electrolyte gated electrochemical or field effect transistors, ionic and electronic charge conduction, material structure-property-device functionality relationships, and device physics
  • Develop methods to monitor processes and polymer properties during device operation.
  • Create processing methods for the existing materials to improve properties
  • Coordinate experiments with scientists specializing in other fields. Evaluates new technologies to enhance or complement current research.
  • Develop device fabrication protocols.


Apply here.


Graduate students

Graduate students with a background in Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related disciplines, Note that Ph.D. and MSc candidates need to be first admitted to KAUST and go through the general application steps for the Materials Science, Bioscience or Electrical Engineering program. Reach out to us by sending your resume and cover letter. The admitted candidates will be working with the multi-disciplinary team of our lab interacting with international partners (clinicians, chemists, physicists). Our own biology and electrical characterization laboratories are equipped with instrumentation enabling the integration of cells with home-made electronic devices and their subsequent electrical characterization. Tools to process polymer solutions into a variety of forms (electrospinner, spin coater, inkjet printer) and integrated set-ups for electrochemical characterization of materials/devices are present in our lab. We have full access to the core lab facilities of KAUST offering cutting-edge instrumentations for material characterization, extensive facilities of micro and nanofabrication and cell and molecular biology. ​ ​



For internships, please check the VSRP program:

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