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Let's meet! Here you can find the conferences we will be joining in the following months. Whether in person or online, we are happy to chat! 

2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Sahika, Tania and David will attend the MRS Spring meeting in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Check the details for their talks and poster presentations.

David Ohayon, PhD

Talk - SB01 on 11/05/22 at 9 am. Influence of Side Chains on the N-Type Organic Electrochemical Transistor Performance

Poster - SF04 on 10/05/22 at 5pm. Establishing Molecular Interactions Between Conjugated Polymers and Catalytic Enzymes for High Performance Biosensors

Poster - EQ03 -  on 11/05/22 at 5 pm. Organic Salts—A Route to Improve Performance and Stability of N-Type Conjugated Polymers at the Electrolyte Interface

Tania Hidalgo

Talk - EQ03 - on 10/05/22 at 11.45 am. Effect of Additives on the Performance of a P-Type Organic Semiconductor

Talk - SB01 - on 11/05/22 at 9.15 am.The Effect of a Polymer Electrolyte on N-Type Bioelectronic Device Performance

Poster - EQ03 on 11/05/22 at 5 pm. Mixed Conduction in an N-Type Organic Semiconductor in the Absence of Hydrophilic Side-Chains