Amer Hamidi-Sakr, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows


Research Interests

Dr. Amer’s main goal is to create a way of communication between biological systems and electronic devices. His current research focuses on transducing ionic signals into electronic signals by studying mixed conduction pathways applied to organic electrochemical transistors (oECTs). Dr. Amer investigates biologically compatible materials such as conjugated polymers in both p-channel and n-channel configurations. He characterizes materials using different techniques such as Transmission Electron Microscopy, electrochemical absorbance spectroscopy, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Dr. Amer aims to correlate material properties (morphology, structure, and electrochemistry) with the device performance (transconductance, mobilities, On-Off ratios, and switching speeds).

Selected Publications

  • A versatile method to fabricate highly in‐plane aligned conducting polymer films with anisotropic charge transport and thermoelectric properties: the key role of alkyl side chain layers on the doping mechanism
    A. Hamidi‐Sakr, L. Biniek, J. Bantignies, D. Maurin, L. Herrmann, N. Leclerc, P. Lévêque, V. Vijayakumar, N. Zimmermann, M. Brinkmann  
    Advanced Functional Materials 2017, 27, 1700173
  • Precise control of lamellar thickness in highly oriented regioregular poly(3‐Hexylthiophene) thin films prepared by high‐temperature rubbing: correlations with optical properties and charge transport
    A. Hamidi‐Sakr, L. Biniek, S. Fall, and M. Brinkmann 
    Advanced Functional Materials 26: 408-420. M., 2016


  • ​Ph.D., Physics and Chemical Physics, University of Strasbourg, France, 2017
  • M.Sc., Condensed Matter and NanoPhysics, University of Strasbourg, France, 2014
  • B.Sc., Physics, Lebanese University, Lebanon, 2009

Professional Profile

  • ​2019- present: Postdoctoral fellow, Organic Bioelectronics Lab, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2018- 2019: Postdoctoral Employee, University of California Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • 2013- 2017: Doctoral Researcher, University of Strasbourg, France
  • 2010-2013 : Science Teacher, Dubai International School, Dubai, UAE


  • Poster Award, IRTG Summer School, France, 2017

KAUST Affiliations

​Biological and Environmental 
Science & Engineering Division (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

Organic semiconductors Organic bioelectronics Material science