Yazhou Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows


Research Interests

Yazhou focus on developing high performance organic mixed conductors for organic electrochemical transistor applied in biosensor and neuromorphic computing. He is also interested in design of sensor electrodes, micro-nano fabrication of electronic devices, and sensing of metabolite and electrolyte

Selected Publications

  • Donor Engineering Tuning the Analog Switching Range and Operational Stability of Organic
    Synaptic Transistors for Neuromorphic Systems.
    Y. Zhao, C. Su, G. Shen, Z. Xie, W. Xiao, Y. Fu, Inal, S.; Q. Wang,* Y. Wang,* W. Yue,* I. McCulloch, D. He
    Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2205744, (2022)
  • Donor Functionalization Tuning the N-Type Performance of Donor–Acceptor Copolymers for Aqueous-Based Electrochemical Devices
    S. Cong, J. Chen, L. Wang, L. Lan, Y. Wang,* H. Dai, H. Liao, Y. Zhou, Y. Yu, J. Duan, Z. Li, I. McCulloch, W. Yue*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2201821, (2022)
  • All-Solid-State Vertical Three-Terminal N-Type Organic Synaptic Devices for Neuromorphic Computing
    Z. Xie, C. Zhuge, Y. Zhao, W. Xiao, Y. Fu, D. Yang, S. Zhang, Y. Li, Q. Wang,* Y. Wang,* W. Yue,* I. McCulloch, D. He
    Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2107314, (2022).
  • Green Synthesis of Lactone-Based Conjugated Polymers for n-Type Organic Electrochemical Transistors
    Y. Wang, E. Zeglio,* L. Wang, S. Cong, G. Zhu, H. Liao, J. Duan, Y. Zhou, Z. Li, D. Mawad, A. Herland, W. Yue,* I. McCulloch
    Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2111439, (2022)
  • Propylene and butylene glycol: new alternatives to ethylene glycol in conjugated polymers for bioelectronic applications
    M. Moser,#* Y. Wang,#* T.C. Hidalgo,# H. Liao, Y. Yu, J. Chen, J. Duan, F. Moruzzi, S. Griggs, A. Marks, N. Gasparini, A. Wadsworth, S. Inal,* I. McCulloch, W. Yue *
    Material Horizons, 9, 973–980, (2022)
  • Co-delivery of NIR-II semiconducting polymer and pH-sensitive doxorubicin-conjugated prodrug for photothermal/chemotherapy
    D. Yu,# Y. Wang,# J. Chen,# S. Liu, S. Deng, C. Liu, I. McCulloch, W. Yue,* D. Cheng*
    Acta Biomaterialia, 137, 238–251, (2022)
  • The effect of the donor moiety of DPP based polymers on the performance of organic electrochemical transistors
    Y. Wang,# A. Hamidi-Sakr,# J. Surgailis,# Y. Zhou, H. Liao, J. Chen, G. Zhu, Z. Li, S. Inal,* W. Yue *
    Journal of Material Chemistry C, 9, 13338–13346, (2021)
  • The Chemistry and Applications of Heteroisoindigo Units as Enabling Links for Semiconducting Materials
    Y. Wang, Y. Yu, H. Liao, Y. Zhou, I. McCulloch, W. Yue*
    Accounts of Chemical Research, 53, 12, 2855–2868, (2020)
  • Hybrid Alkyl−Ethylene Glycol Side Chains Enhance Substrate Adhesion and Operational Stability in Accumulation Mode Organic Electrochemical Transistors
    Y. Wang, E. Zeglio,* H. Liao, J. Xu, F. Liu, Z. Li, I. P. Maria, D. Mawad, A. Herland, I. McCulloch, W. Yue*
    Chemistry of Materials, 31, 9797−9806, (2019)
  • The synthesis and properties of a new class of π-expanded diketopyrrolopyrrole analogs and conjugated polymers
    Y. Wang, Y. Xu, M. K. Ravva, Y. Yu, M. Xiao, X. Xue, X. Yang, Y. Chen, Z. Li, W. Yue*
    Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 6, 2974-2980, 2019


  • Ph.D, Material Science, Sun Yat-sen University (SUSY), Guangzhou, China, 2017 – 2020
  • M.Sc., The Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Northeast Forestry University (NEFU), Harbin, China, 2015-2017
  • B.Sc., Material Chemistry, Shandong University of Technology (SDUT), Zibo, China, 2011-2015

Professional Profile

  • 2022-present: Postdoctoral Researcher, Organic Bioelectronics Lab, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2020-2022: Postdoctoral Fellow, SYSU, Guangzhou, China

Scientific and Professional Membership

Independent reviewer of Advanced Electronic Materials, Journal of Membrane Science, etc.
Membership of Chinese Chemical Society


  • 2021: The fellowship of China Postdoctoral Foundation (2021M69350), 80,000 (RMB)
  • 2018, 2019, 2020: The Second-class Doctoral Scholarship in SYSU
  • 2018: The Second Prize in the 8th Guangdong Material Innovation Competition
  • 2016, 2017: Scholarship of Excellent Student in NEFU
  • 2015: Honor Graduate of Shandong Province
  • 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: Scholarship of Excellent Student in SDUT

KAUST Affiliations

Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

biosensor neuromorphic computing organic electrochemical transistor Organic mixed conductor