A high transconductance accumulation mode electrochemical transistor

Authors: S. Inal, J. Rivnay, P. Leleux, M. Ferro, M. Ramuz, J.C. Brendel, M.M. Schmidt, M. Thelakkat, G.G. Malliaras
Accumulation modes Electrochemical transistors Organic electrochemical transistors Absorption spectroscopy Transconductance

​In situ formation of heterojunctions in modified graphitic carbon nitride: Synthesis and noble metal free photocatalysis

Authors: M. Shalom, M. Guttentag, C. Fettkenhauer, S. Inal, D. Neher, A. Llobet, M. Antonietti
Carbon Heterojunctions Photocatalysis Graphitic carbon nitrides In-situ formations

SiO 2/carbon nitride composite materials: The role of surfaces for enhanced photocatalysis

Authors: M. Shalom, S. Inal, D. Neher, M. Antonietti
Carbon nitride Photocatalysis RhB degradation SiO2 composite material

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