​A fully inkjet-printed disposable glucose sensor on paper

Authors: E. Bihar, S. Wustoni, A.M. Pappa, K.N. Salama, D. Baran, S. Inal
Glucose sensor Metabolite levels PEDOT:PSS All-polymer biosensor

Visualizing the solid–liquid interface of conjugated copolymer films using fluorescent liposomes

Year:2018 DOI:DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.8b00323
Authors: Y. Zhang, A. Savva, S. Wustoni, A. Hama, I.P. Maria, A. Giovannitti, I. McCulloch, S. Inal
Conjugated polymer Ethylene glycol Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching N-type organic semiconductor

Transistor in a tube: A route to three-dimensional bioelectronics

Year:2018 DOI:DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aat4253
Authors: C. Pitsalidis, M.P. Ferro, D. Iandolo, L. Tzounis, S. Inal, R.M. Owens
Biomimetic processes Conducting polymers Transistor characteristics Scaffolds (biology)

​Fully printed all-polymer tattoo/textile electronics for electromyography

Year:2018 DOI:DOI: 10.1088/2058-8585/aadb56
Authors: E. Bihar, T. Roberts, Y. Zhang, E. Ismailova, T. Hervé, G.G. Malliaras, J.B. De Graaf, S. Inal, M. Saadaoui
Electrophysiology Inkjet printing Organic electronics Tattoo Textile

Improving the compatibility of diketopyrrolopyrrole semiconducting polymers for biological interfacing by lysine attachment

Year:2018 DOI:DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b02804
Authors: W. Du, D. Ohayon, C. Combe, L. Mottier, I.P. Maria, R.S. Ashraf, H. Fiumelli, S. Inal, I. McCulloch
Semiconducting films Biological applications Lysine side chains Semiconducting thin films

​Enzyme‐free detection of glucose with a hybrid conductive gel electrode

Authors: S. Wustoni, A. Savva, R. Sun, E. Bihar, S. Inal
Conductive gels Glucose sensors Organic electrochemical transistors PEDOT:PSS Phenylboronic acid

Conjugated polymers in bioelectronics

Authors: S. Inal, J. Rivnay, A.O. Suiu, G.G. Malliaras, I. McCulloch
Organic electrochemical transistors Conducting polymer Stimulation Scaffold

Direct metabolite detection with an n-type accumulation mode organic electrochemical transistor

Authors: A.M. Pappa, D. Ohayon, A. Giovannitti, I. Petruta Maria, A. Savva, I. Uguz, J. Rivnay, I. McCulloch, R.M. Owens, S. Inal
Electrochemical electrodes Electrochemical reversibility Organic electrochemical transistors

The role of the side chain on the performance of N-type conjugated polymers in aqueous electrolytes

Authors: A. Giovannitti, I.P. Maria, D. Hanifi, M.J. Donahue, (...), O.G. Reid, S. Inal, G. Rumbles, G.G. Malliaras, J. Nelson, J. Rivnay, I. McCulloch
Conjugated polymers Electrolytes Aqueous electrolyte Polar side chains Polymer backbones

Organic electrochemical transistors

Authors: J. Rivnay, S. Inal, A. Salleo, R.M. Owens, M. Berggren, G.G. Malliaras
Transistors Organic electrochemical transistors Biological materials Electronic charges

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