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18 December, 2022

KAUST Workshop on Organic Semiconductors and Flexible Electronics

A very nice summary of the workshop was published on the Horates website and can be found here.

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27 June, 2022

Anil and David selected to attend 71 st Lindau Nobel Meeting!

They will have the opportunity to connect with other 600 young scientists from 91 countries, besides the 40 Nobel laureates expect to attend the event.

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07 February, 2022

Open postdoc position

We are looking for a postdoc with a PhD in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering or related areas specialized in organic electronics and/or organic bioelectronics.

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01 September, 2021

Welcome Luca, our new PhD student!

Luca aims to develop electrochemical sensors based on conductive polymers for the detection of molecules of biological or industrial interest.

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12 April, 2021

Congratulations to Sahika on being shortlisted for the Nature Portfolio Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science!

Dr. Sahika Inal is being recognized for her contributions to the bioelectronics field of research.

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10 August, 2021

Farewell to Amer Sakr, Federico Ferrari, and Hussain Asghar

We wish them all the best and hope to meet again!

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30 August, 2020

Materials Horizons Emerging Investigator Series: Sahika Inal

Read Sahika Inal's Emerging Investigator Series article “Monitoring supported lipid bilayers with n-type organic electrochemical transistors” and read more about her in the interview.

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20 September, 2021

Read an interview with Sahika Inal on multidisciplinarity and the exciting field of biosensors

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20 June, 2021

See the news about our doping work

Water stable molecular n-doping produces organic electrochemical transistors with high transconductance and record stability

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01 July, 2021

Sahika joined CBRC

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26 May, 2021

Our joint project with Professor Stefan Arold's team secured a translational grant to build a COVID-19 sensor prototype

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01 June, 2021

Our coronavirus sensor is now on the news and in many languages!

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01 July, 2021

Sahika is now an Associate Professor!

We are happy to congratulate Sahika for her promotion to Associate Professor of Bioengineering!

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01 December, 2020

End of the year gathering (with social distances included)!

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13 November, 2020

Our team is contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic

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30 September, 2020

Congratulations Dr. Ohayon!

David got his degree! Congratulations Dr. Ohayon!

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21 July, 2020

Our new paper is on the cover of Advanced Materials

Our new paper "Organic bioelectronics: From functional materials to next‐generation devices and power sources " is on the cover of Advanced Materials.

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22 April, 2020

Rapid and Sensitive Detection of SARS-CoV-2 with a nanobody-transistor sensor

Sahika Inal and Stefan Arold have joined forces to develop a programmable SARS-CoV-2 detection device that combines organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) technology (developed in the Inal lab) with a protein recognition layer (engineered by the Arold lab).

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03 October, 2019

Welcome Dr. Anil Köklü!

​Welcome Dr. Anil Köklü, our new Postdoc. See Anil's profile here​​​

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16 September, 2019

Welcome Dr. Keying Guo!

​BioEl lab welcomes new Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Keying Guo. See his profile here

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02 September, 2019

Welcome Dr. Amer Hamidi!

​Welcome Dr. Amer Hamidi, our new Postdoc. See Amer's profile here

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