Postdoctoral Fellows

Yazhou Wang, PhD

biosensor, neuromorphic computing, organic electrochemical transistor, Organic mixed conductor

Johana Uribe, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

SLBs, Tissue engineering, Organic electrochemical transistors, extracellular vesicles, Cancer

Achilleas Savva, PhD

Material science, Organic bioelectronics, Bioscience, Organic semiconductors

Alexandra F. Paterson, PhD

Organic semiconductors, Organic bioelectronics, Device engineering, Transistors

PhD Students

Wentao Shan

Organic electronics, Organic semiconductors, Organic electrochemical transistors, Nano-fabrication

Sumana Bhattacharjee

Nanofabrication, Electrochemical sensing, Bioelectronics

Tianrui Chang

Nanofabrication, Electrochemical sensors, Biosensors

Luca Salvigni

Electrochemistry, Material science, Organic semiconductors, Organic bioelectronics

Yizhou Zhong

Biosensors, Healthcare wearable device, Physiological signals

Raphaela Silva

Bioelectronics, Electrochemical biosensors, Organic semiconductors, Nanofabrication

Prem Depan Nayak

Organic semiconductors, Oxygen reduction reaction, Bio Fuel Cells, OECTs

Masters Students

Rania Almaghrabi

Neurodegenerative disorders, Antifouling strategies, Electrochemical biosensors

Bayan Almarhoon

Bioelectronics, Biosensors, Microfabrication, Electrochemical sensors

Alan Avila-Ramirez

Material science, Organic bioelectronics, Biosensors, Biofabrication, Regenerative medicine

Latifah Almulla

Organic bioelectronics, Bioengineering, Healthcare wearable device, Biomedical signals, Material science, Microfabrication

Federico Ferrari

Material science, Bioelectronics, Organic electrochemical transistors

Jessica Parrado Agudelo

Organic bioelectronics, Nanofabrication, Bioengineering

Hussain Asghar

Biomedical devices, Tissue engineering, Biomaterials, 3D Scaffolds, Conductive Polymers

Ruofan Sun

Electrochemical transistors, Conducting polymers, Biocompatible hydrogels

Visiting Students

Muhammed Bilgin

Active Brownian motion, Complex systems, Emergent behaviors, Biocompatible devices


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King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 1924 – 2015

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