​Digital inkjet printing of high-efficiency large-area nonfullerene organic solar cells

Authors: D. Corzo, K. Almasabi, E. Bihar, S. Macphee, D. Rosas‐Villalva, N. Gasparini, S. Inal, D. Baran
High-efficiency Inkjet printing Nonfullerene Nonhalogenated Organic solar cells

​An electrocorticography device with an integrated microfluidic ion pump for simultaneous neural recording and electrophoretic drug delivery in vivo

Year:2019 DOI:DOI: 10.1002/adbi.201800270
Authors: C.M. Proctor, I. Uguz, A. Slezia, V. Curto, S. Inal, A. Williamson, G.G. Malliaras
Bioelectronics Drug delivery Electrocorticography Electrophoretic Neuroengineering

Highly selective chromoionophores for ratiometric Na+ sensing based on an oligoethyleneglycol bridged bithiophene detection unit

Year:2019 DOI:DOI: 10.1039/C8TC06000B
Authors: M. Moser, K.J. Thorley, F. Moruzzi, J.F. Ponder, I.P. Maria, A. Giovannitti, S. Inal, I. McCulloch
Chromoionophores Sodium ion concentrations

Role of the anion on the transport and structure of organic mixed conductors

Authors: C. Cendra, A. Giovannitti, A. Savva, V. Venkatraman, I. McCulloch, A. Salleo, S. Inal, J. Rivnay
Bioelectronics Doping Organic mixed conductors Structure–property relationships

The influence of water on the performance of organic electrochemical transistors

Authors: A. Savva, C. Cendra, A. Giugni, B. Torre, J. Surgailis, D. Ohayon, A. Giovannitti, I. McCulloch, E. Di Fabrizio, A. Salleo, J. Rivnay, S. Inal
Organic electrochemical transistors Biological materials Mixed conductors

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